June 15, 2021

Market Update 10th of June 2021

Year 2021 has been filled with a multitude of both challenges and victories

We are blessed that we have got a lot of people coming back from Eastern States and overseas and they are looking to buy or to rent property in Perth. Perth’s property market has the largest volume of sales since the last property boom in 2013. We are getting multiple offers or multiple rental application forms on each property. We have zero vacancy rates for the last 6 months. Tenants are willing to pay more than the rental price to secure the property that they want. We have rental property in Applecross listed for $1100 per week. We received 4 applications. One of the applicants didn’t want to miss out. So the applicant paid over the rental price and a few months rent in advance. Another rental property we had in Piara Waters, we had 20 people come to the home opens and received 7 applications. The owners were delighted.

Property sold quickly too

We sold a property in Applecross in the last month with sight unseen.  The property is a very unique and charming French chateau designed by Le Jardinet. We had 37 buyers come to the inspections and received 7 offers.

We have many ready buyers and great tenants waiting to find their new homes in the area.  Please give me a call today if you know someone is thinking of selling or leasing their property in the area.

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