October 20, 2021

Brentwood Dentist Office / Mansion

Brentwood Dentist Office / Mansion

The modern and palatial Brentwood home is attached to a dental surgery – including separate entry, two modern consulting rooms, a bathroom and waiting room. How’s that for a short commute? It’s the perfect property for someone who wants to keep work close to home.

But while the consulting rooms are a fun quirk, the residential portion of the home is truly unique, too. The front sitting room features a spectacularly high ceiling, with a floor-to-ceiling window that emphasizes its striking height. The huge walls are an amazing opportunity to showcase some giant-scale artwork, and are alongside a staircase and mezzanine enclosed by a full-height steel mesh cage. Currently the space is home to a gigantic whale living sculpture – able to be illuminated with LED lights to create an underwater scene.

The aforementioned mezzanine is home to the primary bedroom – a studio-style, open-plan room large enough to also include a lounge, office and attached ensuite bathroom. The floor – an industrial, rubber coin matting – is offset by a beaded curtain. How titillating! If that wasn’t enough, there are three more bedrooms, with the second also containing its own bathroom and kitchen: ideal for grandparents, older teens or guests.

Downstairs, the large, industrial-style kitchen features a scullery, perfect for hiding mess when entertaining. The attached dining area’s longline windows offer a peek at the tropical water feature that runs alongside the house, shrouded in greenery.

Getting down to brass tacks: the home has four beds, three baths, four car hardstands, plus electric shutters, HD security cameras, double glazed windows, Italian floor tiles, gas heating and insulating for both sound and temperature.

If this sounds like the home for you, you can check out the listing over.

Courtesy: Sally Hall from Perth is Ok

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